Polished Overlays

Polished Concrete Systems, Inc.

uses the ARDEX PC-T Polished Concrete Topping System when the concrete is not suitable to be polished or when a more predictable floor finsh is desired. Ardex PC-T Self Leveling Topping for polished concrete provides an outstanding canvas for creating unlimited designs and color. Ardex PC-T can be polished is as little as 24 hours after installation.

The Ardex PC-T Polished Concrete Topping System may be colored integrally, stained or dyed.

This system has many benefits:

  • A more uniform and consistent look
  • Faster installation
  • Time and labor savings
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Many more color options than concrete
  • Installation from ¼” to ½” Minimum
  • High coefficient of friction for slip resistance
  • Lithium fortified stain and wear resistance
  • The finish can be highly reflective or matte
  • Industry first comprehensive process specification
  • Complete system

The floor can be finished with a high gloss or matte finish. The surface is treated with Ardex PC 10 and Ardex PC Finish, a specially formulated lithium densifier and floor finish specifically designed for the use with Ardex PC-T. This system provides much more stain and abrasion resistance, as well as a low maintenance surface.