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Polished Concrete Systems, Inc. has extensive experience with concrete acid staining of commercial flooring and polished concrete flooring. Once our concrete acid staining and polishing process is complete, you no longer have to be concerned about the acid stains walking off as you do with a sealer or wax application. Concrete acid staining is composed of two main components, acids and metallic salts. The acid opens the pores of the concrete allowing the penetration of the metallic salts.

  • The metallic salts chemically interact with the calcium hydroxide in the cement to produce a permanent color change that penetrates the surface of concrete floors.
  • Concrete acid staining is limited to eight colors and variations of each. The colors are generally earth tone in nature. Multiple colors can be achieved through a variety of methods. Our polished concrete system, along with concrete acid staining, will give the concrete a translucent permanent variegated mottled look that is UV stable. Concrete acid staining is an excellent way to change the color of existing uncolored or colored concrete commercial flooring that has been in place for at least 28 days.
  • The concrete acid staining and our eco friendly concrete polishing systems are far superior to any acid stain and sealer application. Moisture will not cloud the appearance and there is no possibility of peeling or delaminating as with sealers. We offer a warranty for material and labor.
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Polished concrete flooring is quickly becoming the flooring of choice in commercial and retail environments. Commercial polished concrete floors can take standard concrete store flooring to an aesthetically pleasing floor. Concrete can be colored while being placed through integral color or the use of dry shake color hardeners and then polished. Dry shake colors give a decorative look to industrial polished concrete flooring. Existing concrete can be colored by concrete dyes or concrete acid staining and polished.

Additionally, concrete can be polished uncolored to create superior, wear resistant polished concrete flooring. Polished concrete will change weak, unsightly stained concrete into a beautiful surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

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Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring:

  • Increased abrasion resistance and impact strength
  • Light Reflectivity: Up to 30% greater
  • Lowest 10-year life cycle cost
  • Virtually maintenance free- dust mop, water and a neutral cleaner
  • No adverse reaction to ultraviolet light or water spray
  • Eliminates moisture vapor failures related to floor coverings
  • Does not support combustion and eliminates smoke or toxic fumes
  • Qualifies for the inclusion on Silver, Gold and Platinum LEED
  • Comprehensive system warranty


Polished Concrete Systems, Inc. specializes in not only acid staining and polishing concrete, but dying concrete as well. Dyed concrete floors offer a wide range of customizable options and are ideal for commercial flooring. Concrete dyes move beyond the color range of concrete acid stains, as they have many more vibrant colors that can be blended to create an even greater color spectrum for your concrete floors.

Concrete dyes are formulated using extremely small molecules of color, and along with the correct solvent or water, will penetrate any cementious surface when properly prepared. At Polished Concrete Systems, Inc., we use earth-friendly floor polishing systems and concrete dyes that can create both a translucent acid like appearance and a rainbow of vibrant colors.

Floor dyes may be used on standard concrete floors, integral colored concrete and dry shake color hardeners. Multiple color dyes may be used to create floor designs without the use of a saw cut to separate colors as needed with acid stains. Concrete dyes may be used over top of each other if a multiple color is desired. Flooring dyes, along with our polished concrete systems, create dyed concrete floors superior to a dye system with a sealer.

Benefits of Dyed Concrete:

  • Unlike acid stains, the floor colors are not reactive and will continue to intensify with each application.
  • Concrete dyes may be used on exposed polished concrete floors, as well as a cream finish polished concrete.
  • Floor dyes are more predictable as to the final outcome of the color compared to acid stains which are reactive and somewhat unpredictable.

Polished Concrete Systems, Inc. offers a material and labor warranty with this dyed concrete floor system, as with all of our concrete work.
If you have inquiries regarding any of our concrete services such as our concrete polishing, concrete dying, or acid staining techniques, feel free to contact us through our website or call (443) 977-0155.


Proper floor care of polished concrete flooring is relatively easy. Our Premier Diamond Floor Finish is very maintenance-friendly. No longer do you need harsh detergents, acrylic sealers or waxes, treated sweeping compounds, hours of scrubbing, or dusting of the polished floor’s surface. All that is necessary to maintain the shine and seal on your polished concrete flooring is damp mopping, sweeping, and periodic auto scrubbing. Proper concrete maintenance is critical to a polished concrete floor. Good concrete floor care and cleaning will ensure the longevity of the polished concrete flooring and will help to maintain the polish for years to come.

We will recommend professional cleaning supplies based on the finish you have. These floor care products are neutral pH, non-rinsing cleaners specifically formulated to enhance your polished concrete flooring, as it renews the finish every time it is used. It is simply added to the water and applied with a damp mop or automatic scrubber. We also recommend the eco-friendly Diamond Cleaning System.

Avoid all acidic cleaners!

Acidic cleaners may etch your polished concrete flooring surface over time and cause a dulling of the finish. No aggressive scrubbing brushes. Stratogrit, nylogrit and other aggressive scrubbing brushes may alter the floor’s polish pattern and leave a dull appearance. Avoid all contact with acid. Also avoid any detergents containing Hydroxides or Sulfates.

At the completion of the floor project, polished concrete flooring cleaning and maintenance instructions will be forwarded to you. We offer a polished concrete flooring maintenance program customized for your specific needs.

A Classroom Before Concrete Flooring is Installed
: A Classroom After Concrete Flooring is Installed
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